PacBio Reverse Transcription PCR

Reverse transcribe RNA samples to cDNA in preparation for PacBio sequencing

The Reverse Transcription PCR application provides a series of dashboards to manage RNA samples that need to be reverse transcribed to cDNA prior to SMRT library preparation. Scientists can normalize their RNA samples to the desired concentration for subsequent RT-PCR amplification. The application registers a new cDNA lot which is linked to the parent RNA. Amplified samples are queued up for quality checking when used in conjunction with the PacBio QC Operations application.


  • Dashboards provide users with a work list of RNA samples ready to be normalized and reverse transcribed to cDNA
  • Track reagents, scientists, and instruments involved in the workflow
  • Provides traceability of sample and container lineage, including concentration and volume
  • Use in conjunction with Nucleic Acid Extraction and PacBio SMRT Library Prep apps to prepare RNA samples for sequencing
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Category: Genomics, Illumina, PacBio, Sequencing

Type: App

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