Portfolio Management

Increase visibility across your business to manage projects and initiatives, including screens, teams, hits, and candidates

The Portfolio Management application helps labs and research coordinators define the path forward for their portfolio and projects. It can be used to define the high level target, map initiatives to drive research, assign teams and team leaders, decide on screening collections to enable your campaigns, and track experiments and data contributing to company initiatives. From generating a target ID to determining the type of assays to pursue, the Portfolio Management application can help leaders organize information and streamline their communications.


  • Define projects for your portfolio and your team
  • Create initiatives to define assay types, screening collections, teams and team leads, protocols, and more
  • Attach or link out to literature or other supporting information
  • Quickly view ongoing projects and initiatives, including tracking current experiments and progress
  • Use in conjunction with other Marketplace applications to create a full informatics solution
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