Sample Inventory Management

Track samples by managing containers, transfers, barcodes, locations, and more

The Sample Inventory Management app enables labs to track information related to locations, containers and sample transfers. Scientists can leverage this application to create new barcoded containers and manage user defined locations, such as labs, benches, freezers, and shelves. The app also lets users set temperatures to manage freeze-thaw tracking and view chain of custody for your samples. Other features include transferring samples between single well containers and multi-well plates, defining container types, and defining maximum capacity. Use dashboards and quick find tools to efficiently locate available space, view container and sample details, and move samples to new locations.


  • Define an unlimited number of locations, temperature settings and container types (including single and multi well)
  • Leverage quick find tools to location available space, view container details, move samples and more
  • Dashboards provide a single source of information for materials handling, incident response, and regulatory reporting - and let you view sample details, transfer containers to new locations, consolidate multiple containers, or transfer material between containers
  • Use in conjunction with other Marketplace applications, such as the registration apps, to create a full informatics solution
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