Sample Inventory Management

Manage a complete inventory of samples and containers used in biopharmaceutical research and clinical development

Sample Inventory Management enables labs to manage information associated with the movement and use of any biological or chemical samples or containers. Use Sample Inventory Management in conjunction with registration apps to record and track metadata associated with small molecules, expression systems, viral delivery systems, molecular biology samples, therapeutic and research biologics, reagents, and more. Maintain a full chain of custody for samples from their receipt to disposal. Quickly access functionality to assist with transferring containers, managing locations changes, and reporting freezer or other storage capacity. Sample Inventory Management helps labs reduce waste, manage costs, and maintain a full chain of custody for all materials.


  • Use in conjunction with registration apps to populate complete metadata on your lab's specific chemical or biological materials, containers, etc.
  • Record information about incoming and outgoing off-site shipments, and on-site transfers of material between containers and among labs
  • Map inventory location hierarchies to physical locations such as labs, benches, freezers, cabinets (flammable, acid and base) and stock rooms
  • Use the Collaborator Portal to manage shipments, and enable collaborators to access Collaborator Portal to record return shipments and transfers to your lab
  • Dashboards provide a single source of information for materials handling, incident response, and regulatory reporting - and let you view sample details, transfer containers to new locations, consolidate multiple containers, or transfer material between containers
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