TaqMan qPCR

Manage lineage of samples prepped for qPCR and capture quantitative data for your TaqMan assays

The TaqMan qPCR application enables lab managers to track sample status as it moves through a qPCR workflow. Scientists can easily find samples queued up for each step in the process. The application tracks the full sample lineage through extraction, QC, normalization, amplification, and qPCR. Samples may be arrayed into multiple different container formats for instrument loading including 48, 96, and 384 well plates and TaqMan Array Cards. Track TaqMan Assay reagent lots used to manage inventory and provide traceability into the assays run for each sample.


  • Record run data such as Cp, ΔCt, ΔRn, and images of traces for all samples within a run
  • Support for multiple block types including 48, 96, and 384 wells and TaqMan Array Cards
  • Track Taqman Assay reagents and results for a wide variety of applications including Genotyping, Relative Quantification, and Presence/Absence
  • Generate instrument files and manage instrument usage for a variety of qPCR instrumentation including the Thermo Fisher Quanstudio Real-Time PCR Systems
  • Use in conjunction with Genomics Sample Accessioning or Clinical Specimen Accessioning applications to register samples
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Category: Genomics, qPCR

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